Lose Weight Fast Diet Plan – Top 10 Foods To Include!

Lose Weight Fast DietIn the hopes to lose weight fast, people often fall prey to many fad lose weight fast diet plans, which ask you to fast your way to the body you desire. Although, these diets can be effective on the short term, the weight is often gained back once normal eating is resumed.

Lose weight fast diet plans are subjected to various controversies with several medical and nutritional professionals questioning their impact on health in the long run. While some lose weight fast diet plans like Atkins diet meal plan severely restricts carbohydrates intake, others diets like hcg diet requires you to limit your daily calorie intake to 500 calories.

Another popular lose weight fast diet requires the inclusion of acai berry weight loss supplements. While research shows the benefit of acai berry, no supporting research exists on acai berry’s effect on massive weight loss.

As a rule of thumb health professionals advice people to avoid any lose weight fast diet plans that claim very fast weight loss and requires you to shun food groups all together. Generally, a low sugar low carb diet that includes only unprocessed natural carbs is the best diet.

Here’s a list of top 10 foods to eat to lose weight:

1. Eggs – fats in egg yolk are rich in anti-oxidants and fats that help burn body fat.

2. Walnuts are super food that provides healthy fats.

3. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and shrimp provide protein that increases metabolism.

4. Green tea can burn more calories from fat, according to several research studies.

5. Red chillies and cayenne pepper are thermogenic foods that increase metabolism.

6. Organic grass fed lean beef is high is CLA, which is shown to promote fat burning in the body.

7. Berries are rich in anti-oxidants, contain low calories and can promote weight loss.

8. Coconut oil in moderation can promote weight loss.

9. Swiss chard is a super food that can curb appetite, provide wide array of vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber.

10. Broccoli sprouts have low insulin response in the body, provide great nutrition and can aid in weight loss.