Low Blood Sugar Symptoms – What Are They?

Low Blood Sugar SymptomsWhat are some of the most common low blood sugar symptoms? This will depend on the severity of the condition. As the normal blood sugar levels start to fall the symptoms seen will become more severe, and eventually death can occur if the blood sugar levels get too low to support life. Some of the very first symptoms which may appear are nausea, trembling, tachycardia, a sensation of extreme hunger, nervousness, tingling and numbness in the lips and fingertips, and excessive sweating for no reason.

When hypoglycemia becomes moderate the low blood sugar symptoms seen will become worse. As the level of blood sugar reaches 55 mg/dL or less then the condition will start to impact the nervous system of the body. Some common signs of moderate hypoglycemia include anxiety, weakness, headache, blurry vision, confusion, aggression, a lack of coordination, difficulty with movement and walking, and other signs. Hypoglycemia blood sugar levels are far below the normal range.

With low blood sugar symptoms that are severe it is considered a medical emergency, because death may occur if the individual is not treated by a physician immediately. Common signs of this stage include seizures, convulsions, extreme drowsiness or an inability to rouse the person, a lowered body temperature, a coma, and other complications. If treatment is not sought immediately for both low and high blood sugar symptoms then the end result could be brain damage or death.

Any low blood sugar symptoms should be evaluated and taken seriously. Once your blood sugar levels drop below a certain point rational though may not be possible. A low blood sugar diet can help keep this level stable, and prevent ups and downs which cause symptoms and can become dangerous. Keeping track of your own levels can help you determine what is normal for you, because everyone is unique and slightly different. Sometimes it is possible to develop these symptoms even if your readings are normal if your level drops suddenly for some reason.