Low Thyroid Symptoms – What Are The Dangers of This Condition?

Low Thyroid SymptomsThere are many dangers to low thyroid symptoms, or hypothyroidism. In fact, according to the information found on WebMD.com, if you suffer from low thyroid symptoms, your chances of developing cardiovascular problems increase greatly. Unfortunately, low thyroid symptoms can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, especially since the most common include lethargy and weakness. Many can mistake low thyroid symptoms for simply being over-worked or stressed.

Underactive thyroid and pregnancy can also be a deadly combination because the condition not only affects the mother, but also the unborn child. This can lead to problems during the development stage of the fetus. You must see a physician immediately to receive a proper diagnosis. Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, your doctor can prescribe the correct course of treatment; the first and most simple will be to start an underactive thyroid diet.

Some dangers that accompany symptoms of low thyroid are:

  • Elevated cholesterol levels – Hypothyroidism interferes with the way the body controls energy and if there is an imbalance, this can affect the distribution of fat within the cells. This leads to higher LDL cholesterol levels which can cause heart disease or stroke.
  • Goiter development – The pituitary glands will begin to work harder to stimulate the release of the thyroid hormone if the levels are too low. This results in an enlargement of the thyroid gland, or goiter. Goiters can be extremely painful and if left untreated, will continue to grow. Because goiters can ultimately interfere with swallowing and breathing, surgery is performed to have them removed.
  • Weakness in muscles – Your muscles will begin to weaken over time if the hypothyroidism is not monitored carefully. This is because as you feel more tired, you will do less physical labor. Your legs, shoulders and thighs will feel it the most since they carry and distribute weight around your body.
  • Angina – Low thyroid levels can compromise the cardiovascular system and cause chest pains and shortness of breath.

Having low thyroid symptoms does not have to mean you cannot live an active and productive life, you just need to make smart choices. Be proactive and make small changes because hypothyroidism is completely reversible.

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