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Low Triglyceride DietWhen useless calories are consumed above and beyond what the body really needs, triglycerides are formed which are a particular type of fat, or lipid, which is found in the blood. For this reason, elevated triglycerides will eventually become a heart disease threat. When a low triglyceride diet is followed, this risk can be substantially lessened. The busy lifestyles of today which include drive-thru meals and high fat foods of high calories leave elevated triglycerides cases at an epidemic high. Something as simple as a triglyceride diet plan may rectify the high levels of lipds found in the blood.

You may wonder why it is so important to reduce triglycerides. The truth of the matter is that triglycerides will cause hardening of the arteries. This is turn raises the risk of heart disease and stroke. There are triglyceride foods to avoid when following a low triglyceride diet. Refined foods with white flour and sugar are among the simple carbs to avoid. Saturated fat in egg yolks and milk products should be replaced with eating egg whites only, as well as fat free or low fat milk and cheeses. Olive oil and canola oil are the types of fats to include in a low triglyceride diet. Trans fats found in fried and commercial foods should never be part of a triglyceride diet plan.

Besides a low triglyceride diet, daily exercise will play a role in lowering triglyceride levels. A daily walk will boost good cholesterol while lowering the bad. Avoiding alcohol is also suggested. Even just a small bit of alcohol will have an effect on triglyceride levels as the sugar and high calorie content. Weight loss is especially beneficial for lowering triglycerides. Energy is boosted, overall health will be better, and triglycerides will be lowered with a five or ten pound drop in weight.