Lower LDL Cholesterol Fast: Myths and Facts

Lower LDL CholesterolThere are a number of ways to lower LDL cholesterol when your cholesterol reading shows to be at a higher level than desired by you or your doctor. Diet is the number one chance at getting your readings down to normal. It seems that so many will share a magical answer in the fight against abnormal cholesterol levels. This makes it difficult to believe what is right, and what isn’t. The following are some myths and facts of how to lower LDL cholesterol.

Myth: If we eat foods with high cholesterol, our blood cholesterol levels will be high as well.
Fact: High cholesterol is not threatening alone, but the overall good to bad ratio may be the culprit.

Myth: America’s obesity rates have doubled in the past two decades from consuming high fat/high cholesterol foods.
Fact: As Americans have been advised to eat low fat for the past two decades, obesity became more prominent.

Myth: Only people with high cholesterol are at risk for a heart attack.
Fact: Those with lower LDL cholesterol are also at risk for various heart disease.

Myth: It is impossible for cholesterol levels to be lowered without taking medication and only depending on cholesterol lowering foods.
Fact: It has been proven there are foods that lower cholesterol levels such as fiber, oats, fish, and nuts to name a few.

Myth: Younger people will never be diagnosed with having high cholesterol.
Fact: If over the age of 20 or so, there is always a risk of developing high cholesterol.

Myth: There are no natural methods of lowering the LDL cholesterol levels without taking prescription medications.
Fact: According to reputable studies, there are various supplements and foods known as natural remedies for high cholesterol which include artichokes, garlic, barley, oat bran, and many others, as well as exercising, losing weight, and not smoking or drinking alcohol.