Lumpectomy Procedure Review – When Is It Performed?

Lumpectomy ProcedureA common question asked by many women is the one concerning a lumpectomy procedure. Many women want to know when this procedure is performed, and if there are other options available that may be a better choice. Another question and debate is the one concerning lumpectomy vs. mastectomy, and how to choose between two. A lumpectomy procedure may be performed for a few different reasons. Breast cancer is one other common reasons why this procedure is done, but it may also be necessary in cases where there are cysts in the breast or certain breast diseases are present as well. The doctor recommending the procedure will explain their reasoning behind the necessity of it.

A lumpectomy procedure is performed when there is a lump or nodule in your breast that needs to be examined more closely. During the lumpectomy surgery a local anesthetic is normally given, and a small amount of tissue is removed to be examined in the laboratory to rule out breast cancer. This procedure may also be called a partial mastectomy, and may also be used to confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer as well. After you have had the surgery you may want to find a few lumpectomy bras if you are worried about the size or shape of your breast because of the surgical results.

It is important to note that many women have a lumpectomy procedure and do not have breast cancer, but if you have any signs of unusual lumps or thickening tissue in your breast it is important that this is checked out by a physician to rule out this possibility. If the results of the lumpectomy procedure come back that you do have cancer in your breast it is important to stay strong and remember that many women have battled this disease and won. Even having to undergo a mastectomy is not the same devastation that it once was, and there are many stylish and comfortable mastectomy bras available which can make you feel beautiful and whole again.