Mastectomy and Blood Pressure Measurement

Mastectomy and Blood PressureThere are a number of questions and concerns when it comes to mastectomy and blood pressure. Is it safe to take have your blood pressure taken on the same side on the body that a necessary or elective mastectomy has been done? What happens if you have had a double mastectomy performed? Is it still possible to take your blood pressure? All of these are common questions undergone a mastectomy, and knowing the answers is important if you have had this procedure done. In the past women were advised against using the affected arm because a radical mastectomy made constricting the affected arm dangerous. This is not always true today though.

One consideration with a mastectomy and blood pressure is whether only the sentinel nodes were removed or if the mastectomy was more radical. This is more often the case in a lumpectomy vs mastectomy, and if necessary the surgical side can be used for a blood pressure reading in these circumstances. In most cases with mastectomy and blood pressure concerns it is advisable to use the side which was not operated on. What happens if you have had a mastectomy though, because both sides have had a surgical procedure performed? In this situation a blood pressure reading should be taken from the legs instead.

One of the reasons why it is important to understand the concerns about mastectomy and blood pressure is so that your post mastectomy recovery is successful. After you have had the procedure done you will have to perform post mastectomy exercises in most cases, to help strengthen the side that you had surgery on. In addition you will probably have a number of follow-up visits with your physician and surgeon to monitor the results of your mastectomy and blood pressure, as well as to do any needed blood tests to ensure that the cancer is completely gone and did not spread farther. You should make any medical care provider aware of the fact that you had a mastectomy, so that the appropriate steps can be taken to acquire the correct blood pressure from the correct location.