Menopause and Panic Attacks – What Is the Relation?

Menopause and Panic AttacksMenopause could be a challenging time in a woman’s life bringing in a lot of unpleasant sensations like hot flashes, mood swings, panic attacks while sleeping and many more. Learning more about menopause and panic attacks will help you understand what causes night sweats and how to deal with your panic attacks.

During menopause women experience decreased levels of hormones responsible for the biological reproductive processes in the body. These hormones control a lot of aspects of physical and emotional health. The relation of menopause and panic attacks is in the hormonal imbalance due to the natural processes of the fertility decline. Undoubtedly, this brings a time of stress and adjustment into a woman’s life and, in some cases, panic attacks while sleeping.

Understanding that menopause is a natural phase in any woman’s life is a great step in dealing with panic attacks, which unfortunately might accompany it. Learn some basic deep breathing techniques that will help stabilize your breathing, as during a panic attack people tend to breathe too fast which brings in too much oxygen and makes you feel dizzy. Sometimes moving to a different room in the house or going outside will bring a change of scenery and calm you down. Knowing that panic attack is going to end soon and not focusing on your fearful thoughts could be quite helpful in this situation.

If you are concerned about what causes night sweats and your inability to get a good night’s sleep, analyzing any troubling and stressful events in your life usually brings relief once you know the root cause of them. Take control of your menopause and panic attacks by trying out Yoga, Pilates, stretching and other forms of relaxation that are suitable for you. Make sure are eating a balanced and wholesome diet rich in minerals and vitamins that can help you with menopause and panic attacks side effects.

Talking to your doctor about your experiences of menopause and panic attacks and getting advice on dealing with them could bring you relief in the long run.