Menopause Night Sweats Remedies

Menopause Night SweatsMenopause night sweats are every woman’s nightmare when approaching the menopause years. Some women may already have had such an experience with PMS night sweats. In either case, female hormone imbalance comes into play when such night time annoyances occur. The experience is similar for most as the evil menopause night sweats attack in the dead of night. No matter how lightly dressed, or the temperature of the room, or the amount of fans one may use for prevention and comfort, waking up in sweat soaked pajamas and sheets are sometimes unpreventable.

Menopause and panic attacks, another symptom of menopause, are similar to that of what a woman experiences with menopause night sweats; racing heart rate, difficulty breathing, an overall prickly feeling, and of course, the uncontrollable flash of heat. There are various methods women will take to rectify the problem of menopause night sweats and other symptoms of menopause. Menopause herbal remedies continue to be favored to ease the sometimes debilitating occurrences which promote such discomfort to women. There are also other measures of prevention and comfort which can be taken to treat menopause night sweats and other symptoms at that time of a woman’s life.

Avoiding foods and beverages such as alcohol, coffee, and foods with a spicy flare is suggested. Deep, relaxing breathing will reduce sweating. Some believe Vitamin E will ease hot flashes and other symptoms. However, soy is known to have a more positive outcome in preventing hot flashes and night sweats. As little as a ¼ teaspoon per day of progesterone cream may have an effect on menopausal symptoms. Herbal remedies such as chaste tree berry, don quai, evening primrose oil, and black cohosh are among the popular choices for sufferers of menopause discomforts. Some doctors will prescribe antidepressants to rectify the symptoms. Aside from any of these remedies, exercise is highly suggested and will reduce menopausal mayhem like hot flashes and night sweats by as much as 55 percent.