Metatarsal Pads: 10 Best Products!

Metatarsal PadsUnlike insoles, metatarsal pads are geared toward consumers that have centralized pain in the soles of the feet. If you like to wear high heels or jog for hours at a time, the pain that you can experience in the foot pads can be completely debilitating. Thankfully, metatarsal pain can be easily managed by wearing a pair of the top 10 best metatarsal foot pads listed below.

1. Pro-Tec Athletics – Thick and flexible with a ridged bottom designed to stop slippage, these metatarsal pads will fit perfectly into the bottom of athletic shoes as well as casual, everyday footwear.

2. Silipos SoftZone Pure Gel – These comfortable foot pads are great for high heel wearers as they do not go beneath the toe area. Manage your ball of foot pain while still wearing a great pair of opened toed shoes.

3. Pedifix Pedi-gel Dancer’s Pads – Designed with the professional dancer in mind, these foot pads give you a custom fit comparable to metatarsalgia shoes. These pads are especially ideal for people who may be forced to wear constrictive footwear.

4. Pro-Tec Metatarsal Lift Pads – If you don’t necessarily need any cushioning in the heel area of the foot, these pads will provide you with instant relief.

5. Pedag T-form Self Adhesive Metatarsal Pads – These are the ultimate metatarsal pads for runners. Because they stick to the bottom of your feet, you will never need to stop to adjust their positioning.

6. Pedifix Deluxe Nylon-Covered Metatarsal Cushion – This is another great option for open-toe high heel lovers. The soles of your feet will feet smooth and pampered after a day of walking around in these.

7. FootSmart Metatarsal Sleeve – With a comfortable sleeve that wraps around the foot, you will be able to position your metatarsal pads in exactly the right place, the first time around.

8. Pedifix Visco-gel Metatarsal Pads With Toe Loop – Most foot pads are shaped to stay in place in the shoe, but these are built to mold around the feet themselves.

9. Tuli Gel Pads – Although these pads are a little thinner than the others mentioned, they still give people with foot pain fast relief.

10. Dr. Jill’s Pads – These are excellent metatarsal pads that are small enough to fit into the inside of your wallet or purse.