Metatarsalgia Treatment For Runners

Metatarsalgia TreatmentRunners are not the only people interested in new metatarsalgia treatment advancements, but this painful condition is especially hard on those that spend a lot of time on their feet. In short, metatarsalgia is similar to a heel spur, only the source of pain comes from a pinched nerve deep in the foot heel tissue. Putting a lot of pressure on this area by running, jumping and walking can also add to ball of foot pain in patients.

The most common metatarsalgia treatment in runners is extended rest. When the foot becomes swollen and inflammed, the pain will continue unless you allow the irritation to subside. There are also metatarsalgia shoes that can be worn while running. These shoes are similar to the ones that people with flat feet and other painful conditions of the foot would wear.

Some doctors believe that metatarsalgia exercises can help to stimulate the tissue in the heel of the foot, promote blood flow and reduce pain. However, exercising alone will not help to relieve pressure from a pinched nerve. Metatarsal pads are not much different than generic shoe inserts found in drug stores and pharmacies, but they can instantly put a stop to your excruciating pain.

Surgery is another option when it comes to effective metatarsalgia treatment procedures. Unless there is extensive damage to the nerves in your foot, you will probably not be able to have this procedure done immediately. Make sure that you make a concerted effort with all other metatarsalgia treatment options before you start to investigate invasive foot surgery. Even if the procedure itself is a success, you will be unable to run for quite awhile.

Not all runners develop metatarsalgia, but this commonly occurring foot disorder can prevent you from competing in races and attaining your personal goals. As soon as you find that a day or two of rest is no longer sufficient to alleviate pain in the balls of the feet, schedule an appointment with a foot specialist. While runners fully expect to deal with injury, discomfort and sometimes extreme pain, realize that this is a condition that is considered to be very easy to cure.