Migraine Surgery – In What Situtaion Is It Recommended?

Migraine SurgeryMigraine surgery is a relatively new concept aimed to reduce the frequency of and eliminate migraines, a common ailment of almost 10% of the population. Because migraine causes are still largely unknown although attributed to environmental factors and genetics, it is hard to determine what the root cause of sufferers symptoms are. Because of this, migraine surgery is being researched and in some places implemented to treat the chronic suffering of people with these symptoms.

Most surgeries, as is the case with migraine surgery, offer an option to people when conventional treatment (usually medications or home remedies) have failed. While numerous articles share tips for migraine headache diet ideas, pain relief exercise plans, and home remedies for migraine headaches, sometimes even with professional care by a physician, condition still persists. These are the cases where surgery might be considered, and doctors have ways of knowing who will benefit from the surgeries most as well.

Migraine surgery works because the majority of migraines start in the carotid or scalp arteries, and doctors have determined that pressing on these scalp arteries during an attack and gauging the effectiveness of the applied pressure will help them determine if surgical ligation of those arteries can prevent migraines. Pressing on these arteries during an attack basically shows doctors if the surgical treatment will work for you. This will help them determine if you are a good candidate for migraine surgery amongst other factors. Additionally, if you find that you get relief from tying a tight band around your head, in the region one would wear a sweat band, and this reaction from the arteries also makes you a good surgical candidate. Migraine surgery will also be considered if you are intolerant of consistent medications or are not alright with being on a daily medication.

In the case of migraines, especially the ocular migraine that causes visible auras, zig zags or seeing spots, relief can be hard to get. Daily triggers can bring pain on without a moment’s notice. Surgery, for the right candidates, offers long term relief for sufferers. Talking with your health care provider about your condition and your ideal course of care will help determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.