Migraines During Pregnancy – What Remedies Are Safe To Take?

Migraines During PregnancyAs if pregnancy doesn’t come with its own slew of heath concerns combined with the agony of wondering where your feet went, pregnancy might be the first time you experience a migraine headache. If you already have this preexisting condition, migraines during pregnancy may prove to be more severe and comparable to menstrual migraine headaches. Migraines are different from regular headaches because they are caused from vascular changes involving blood vessels in the brain. Treating them while not pregnant is difficult, but the sensitive nature of pregnancy even further reduces your options for treatment.

Your doctor will determine if a medicine that is prescription strength is appropriate while pregnant, but generally acetaminophen is the choice most often recommended for pregnant women for migraine headache relief. It is important to speak to your health care provider before taking any medication during pregnancy because your specific condition may require different treatment.

Pregnant women can rely on investigation and identification when medical remedies are not available or helpful. Avoiding foods that cause migraines such as chocolate, cheese and coffee can reduce the frequency of migraine symptoms. Both resting and exercise are useful tools to help quell a throbbing head. Opting to take a cold shower or applying a cold compress may also bring relief. Since stress can trigger headaches, yoga or meditation can also bring relief.

Alternative medicine has many suggestions on how to treat migraines during pregnancy and before and after. Feverfew has been touted as a possible treatment, but no clinical tests have proven its effectiveness. Peppermint oil rubbed on the affected area has shown promise, but nobody yet knows how or why. Butterbur, a German plant, has shown promise in treating both migraines and asthma, but has no research to back it, and certainly no credible evidence showing that it is safe for migraines during pregnancy.

Migraines during pregnancy can be scary. While you want to relieve your pain, you worry about affecting your new miracle. Speak to your doctor before taking any medication and discuss your concerns with him or her. They may discuss prescription medications they feel are safe for you, especially if your symptoms are diminishing the quality of your life. They may recommend, and give you proper dosage for, acetaminophen. Either way, speaking with a doctor at the onset of your migraine symptoms is critical at this sensitive and physically strenuous time.