Migraines Symptoms – 7 Things To Be Aware Of!

Migraines SymptomsIf you are having migraines symptoms, your first course of action should be a visit to your primary care doctor’s office. A discussion with your physician will reveal some new truths about migraines and migraine headache relief. Below are 7 things you should be aware of if you have migraines symptoms or think you might:

1. Women Only: Some people think only women have migraines. What? Women are the only ones that get to have babies and migraines? Nope. Men get them too.

2. Psych!: Some people think that migraines are caused by psychological problems. This is not the case, migraines are caused by a physical change involving the expansion of blood vessels in the head.

3. Headaches and migraines are not the same thing! While headache symptoms might mimic migraines symptoms, they’re physical changes to the body are actually different. In a nutshell, headaches cause blood vessels in the head to narrow, and migraines cause them to expand.

4. Ocular Migraines: Ocular migraine symptoms include visual abnormalities caused by this painful condition. These migraines symptoms including seeing spots, zig zags or shimmers, can be indicators of a rare but serious condition and you should see your doctor immediately if you are frequently having vision impairment as described above combined with moments of temporary vision loss, but only in one eye.

5. Second opinions matter: Doctors are people, and if you don’t feel that your doctor isn’t adequately concerned about your migraines symptoms, don’t be afraid to see another. Don’t let a co-pay prevent you from being correctly diagnosed and treated for migraines.

6. Fiber Rules: Magnesium for migraines is thought to work because magnesium assists nerves in functioning properly. Magnesium deficiencies might even trigger migraine symptoms. A magnesium supplement may be recommended by your physician as an additional migraine treatment, but eating high fiber foods which are great sources of magnesium can help.

7. Headache surgery? Yup, it exists. Surgeries to reduce or prevent future migraines in the form of migraine surgery are now being done by over a couple handfuls of surgeons in the United States. It’s not brain surgery however. The surgery often centers on fixing existing problems that are triggering migraines, such as congenital heart defects.

If you suspect that you are having migraines, the best thing to do is speak to your doctor. In the mean time, avoiding triggers that can exacerbate your condition will help you achieve relief until you and your physician can develop a proper treatment plan.