Milk Thistle Dosage – How Much Is Too Much?

Milk Thistle DosageThe seeds and plant parts of milk thistle have long been used for herbal medicinal purposes. Its uses include liver disorders such as chemical damage, jaundice and cirrhosis. As such, milk thistle liver detox remedies are quite popular. It has also been used as a remedy for digestive problems such as heartburn and loss of appetite. Other less common reported benefits of milk thistle include increasing the flow of breast milk, hangover treatment and diabetes. Most of these remedies are made from milk thistle extract, but the parts of the plant above ground are useful as well and even used as a tasty treat in salads. One of the issues concerning this plant however is how much to take, and unfortunately there is little definitive information available regarding safe milk thistle dosage.

It’s interesting that more is not known about the safe amount of milk thistle to take. Considering the daunting list of milk thistle side effects, proper dosing instructions would seem relevant to users. For instance, in some people who have conditions involving hormones, this plant may act like estrogen, exacerbating the existing health conditions. It also can cause allergic reactions and digestive side effects, which are all reasons why proper milk thistle dosage is important. Just like with any medication, natural or synthetic, taking too much can be dangerous and often will result in worsened side effects.

Web MD lists milk thistle dosage at 140 mg three times per day when used for allergy symptoms. GNC offers a product that lists milk thistle dosage at 200 mg between one and three times daily in the instructions. This range of numbers can be quite confusing, however anything over 600 mg per day might be considered unsafe and could cause side effects or a worsening of existing mild symptoms. Because of the way this herbal remedy interacts with the liver, people taking medications that are broken down in the liver may have different milk thistle dosage needs or may be advised not to take it at all. As such, it’s important to discuss not only milk thistle, but any herbal remedy you are considering with your health care provider to ensure that it won’t affect any health conditions that you have or medications that you are taking.