Monovision LASIK Pros and Cons

Monovision LASIKMany people know the general benefits of laser eye surgery, but few know what the potential risks are. Monovision LASIK eye surgery is a process that can help to restore the vision of persons with visual deficiencies, but not everyone is able to have this performed. The first thing that you want to do is to ask your doctor “am I a LASIK candidate” before you go any further. Those who are farsighted are very unlikely to get good results with this procedure.

Besides better vision, monovision LASIK can also repair superficial cosmetic damage to cornea. Although this procedure usually costs in the neighborhood of a few thousand dollars, patients also end up having fewer maintenance costs. Those that opt for monovision LASIK surgery no longer have to pay for contact lenses or reading glasses.

There are a few doctors that offer LASIK for farsightedness, but there is little supporting scientific data. In the future, more farsighted patients may be able to have LASIK surgery performed successfully. All-laser LASIK is more expensive than traditional methods, but it also provides people with shorter recovery times.

When you lay out the pros and the cons of monovision LASIK, it is clear to see that there is no clear cut answer. If you are involved in sports or the entertainment industry, you might want to have LASIK surgery so that you can have more opportunities. A lot of people do not like to wear glasses or contact lenses because they feel as though their choices are restricted.

If considering monovision LASIK surgery, the very best thing that you can do is to personally speak to someone that has had the procedure performed. Even if you have an insurance policy that will allow for you to have LASIK performed at no cost to you, realize that good results are not guaranteed. Your vision can possibly worsen as a result of issues arising both before and after the surgery. If you are prepared to deal with these potential risk factors, find out which doctors are offering LASIK surgery in your local area and learn if insurance will reimburse your expenses.