Mood Stabilizers Side Effects

Mood StabilizersThe problem with mood stabilizers is…. wait, the problems with mood stabilizers are plentiful. However, millions of people every year are prescribed medications such as these for depression, bipolarism, schizophrenia, and a whole host of other mental conditions. Considering the risks and side effects associated with these medications, it’s a wonder that they are given to people at all, especially when their use often involves the addition of subsequent medications to fully treat the symptoms of the patient.

Be all that as it may, do not EVER stop taking medication that your doctor has prescribed to you for any reason, especially because of some crap you read on the internet. You could do serious damage to your body by quitting a prescription, and that is not just dangerous, it’s outright stupid.

I remember seeing commercials for Zoloft on TV and laughing about the laundry list of Zoloft side effects that trailed the end of the commercial. Everything from watery eyes to suicidal thoughts made that list and it’s not just that commonly known drug, mood stabilizers in general can yield some unattractive side effects. Damage to the liver, skin conditions, decrease in white blood cells, nausea, vomiting, lethargy and blurred vision are just some that are found across the wide range of available mood stabilizers. Many people are concerned about finding antidepressants that do not cause weight gain, as it is another common side effect.

In addition to normal adverse effects from the medications, oftentimes patients need more than one in combination to fully treat their conditions. This of course can lend to an increase of side effects. For instance, taking some mood stabilizers for bipolarism might only treat manic symptoms and not the depressive ones, therefore in some cases and antidepressant will also be prescribed.

Natural depression remedies are gaining more attention because of their lower incidence of side effects. St. John’s wort depression remedies along with omega 3 fatty acids are gaining popularity amongst users whose depression is mild, or who are looking to supplement their medications and counseling. Be advised that although natural remedies are normally safe, it’s imperative to discuss any herbal supplements you are considering with your health care provider to ensure that they will not interfere with medications you are taking or health problems you already have. With proper support, counseling and a treatment regimen that works for you, you can and will combat your mood disorder. And, remember that a positive attitude and a sense of ability goes a long way in getting you back on the road to being healthy.