Mosquito Bite Reactions – Can They Be Dangerous?

Mosquito Bite ReactionsEveryone knows that mosquito bite reactions can be uncomfortable and even painful at times, but can they be dangerous? As amazing as it may seem the answer is yes, and in some cases a mosquito bite may even create a life-threatening situation which requires emergency medical attention. Any mosquito bite swelling is a sign of an allergic reaction, although this can be so mild that it is not even noticeable and can range all the way up to severe anaphylactic shock which can cause death if left untreated. Many younger children may show severe or extreme mosquito bite reactions, and this can commonly lead to itching which causes children to scratch, and this can frequently lead to infections if the bite and resulting wound are not treated properly.

Any mosquito bite reactions should be treated right away within antihistamines, either in oral or cream form. This will help to minimize any swelling or itching caused by the bite, and make the area more comfortable. Mosquito bite treatment should also include Ibuprofen to help control swallowing, and a cool shower or ice applied to the bitten area can help keep the welts down and will also prevent itching. These steps are also appropriate treatment for gnat bites.

If you suffer from severe allergic mosquito bite reactions then you may need to seek immediate medical attention if you are bitten, especially if you have more than one bite. Identifying insect bites is important if you have any allergies, because severe allergies to a mosquito bite will need to be treated immediately by medical professionals while a bite from a gnat or fly may be nothing to worry about. The severity of mosquito bite reactions may eventually lessen over time as an immunity is built up due to repeated exposure, but the reverse can also occur and the reactions may become worse with each exposure as well.