My Child Has a Language Delay – What to Do?

Language DelayIf your child has a language delay then this can be a big cause for concern or worry, and you may wonder what to do in this situation. Determining whether or not your child has any speech impediments is the first step, and if there is a language delay there are a number of options available to help treat this problem. In some cases the child may live in a home where English is not the first language, and therapy for accent reduction may be needed. In other cases language may be delayed because of the hearing problem, serious illnesses, or a lack of interaction with adults which provides the opportunity to talk, as well as many other causes.

If there is a language delay diagnosed for your child then you will need to determine the cause of this delay, so that the appropriate treatment plan can be designed for the best possible results. In some cases early intervention speech therapy can help eliminate any delays in speech and language for your child. There are also some steps that you can take at home to help your child overcome these problems. Talk to your child frequently, and listen when they reply. Choose games and activities which encourage speech and make sure to praise your child often when they talk. Sessions with a speech and language therapist can provide many benefits for your child as well, and help improve their speech significantly over time.

Often a language delay in small children will without any treatment, but if you are concerned about your child and their speech development then you should discuss this with their pediatrician. Tests may be ordered to check your child for any hearing problems or other medical conditions which could cause a language delay. If no physical problems are found then the pediatrician may refer your child for speech therapy, or arrange to have you learn specific speech therapy techniques to be used at home which can help encourage the proper development of language and speech in your child.