My Child Has Allergy To Carrots – What Should I Do?

Allergy To CarrotsIf your child has an allergy to carrots, there is something that you can do other than to avoid this food altogether. Carrots are frequently used by major food manufacturers as filler. Foods such as spaghetti sauce, baby food and even some meats contain a substantial amount of carrots. Like celery allergy, children and adults that are allergic to carrots usually break out in hives or exhibit symptoms within just a few months of eating the food.

What you can do after you find out that your child has a carrot allergy is to develop a plan. First, you will talk to your child’s pediatrician about all histamine foods. These are foods that either contain carrots or a carrot derivative that may cause your kid to react adversely. With the exception of carrots themselves, you will be able to find lots of alternatives for your child to eat.

Next, begin your child on this modified diet and keep a lookout for other food allergy symptoms. Along with an allergy to carrots, your son or daughter may also need to avoid other foods in the carrot family. Exhaustive food allergy testing may need to be performed, but at least you will finally have a definitive answer.

In order to effectively combat your child’s allergy to carrots, you will need to keep some type of antihistamine on hand at all times. This may be a prescription drug, a cream or even an injection medicine that will help to counteract the symptoms of an allergic reaction. If your child accidentally ingests carrots, this antihistamine can be used to help immediately.

It may not be smooth sailing all the time, but you and your child can manage an allergy to carrots if you work together. Alert your child’s school officials as well as your friends and relatives so that they can also be prepared. In many cases, being allergic to carrots will not cause a life threatening reaction. Besides some itching, swelling and perhaps watering eyes, there is nothing else to fear. Your son or daughter will likely recover without any medical intervention within a short time.