My Ears Feel Clogged At Times – What Could Be The Reason?

Ears Feel CloggedWondering why your ears feel clogged? There could be a number of reasons. The first 2 that are the most common and self explanatory would be swimmer’s ear or “I’m on an airplane” syndrome. If you have fluid in your ear after or during swimming, and the “turn my head sideways and shake it a lot” technique we all have tried at one point hasn’t worked, you need to see your doctor because the fluid might need drained off to prevent infection. If your ears feel clogged while airborne or driving around the top of a mountain, you might try chewing a piece of gum or beef jerky or doing what is commonly known as “popping,” holding your nose and blowing at the same time to achieve relief. While annoying and often painful, when your ears feel clogged from altitude changes it rarely lasts long and usually remedies itself when your feet get closer to sea level.

If you experience a frequent clogged ear while flying the friendly skies, your problems may be on the inside and have much less to do with air travel and much more to do with a possible chronic Eustachian tube blockage, or a malfunction in the Eustachian tube. Aside from a consistent condition, many every day ailments can cause problems with the tiny tube that connects the middle ear to your nose, but all of them, including air travel, can create negative pressure which is what can make your ears feel clogged. Some of the causes of negative ear pressure are trauma and injury, infections, allergies and colds.

Your clogged ears may also be a result of earwax build up. DO NOT STICK THINGS IN YOUR EAR. Do not stick Q-Tips in your ear. Do not stick anything in your ear – ever. A good rule of thumb is if it is smaller than your elbow, don’t put it in your ear. There aren’t many elbows that can fit into ears and certainly not down the canal, so this is a safe rule. Remember, cotton swabs don’t have a bucket at the end of them, when you shove them down your ear hole, not only are you moving the wax further inside, you are also risking damage to your eardrum.

There are many reasons why ears get clogged, but less ways of treating it. If you have ear pain, you must always see your doctor. You could have a serious infection that requires medical treatment, or need your doctor to drain your ear. If you want to learn how to unclog ears at home when wax build up is the cause, do a search on the internet and look for directions containing pictures and easy to follow instructions from reputable websites. The basic instructions include combining one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water into a cup and mixing. The mixture is then poured or dropped into the ears with an eyedropper. The head is turned at a tilt to keep the liquid in the ear canal for 30 seconds, and then the head is turned back proper releasing the treatment. This is done once per day.

Ear pain is never good and must be evaluated by a physician. Ear infections are serious and must be treated with antibiotics. While home care is adequate for moderate wax build up, clogged ears must be taken seriously to determine their root cause before being dismissed as a minor inconvenience.