My Husband Has a Snoring Problem – What Should I Do?

Snoring ProblemSo, your husband (and it could be a wife or even a child in some cases) has a snoring problem. You are totally exhausted from continuous interrupted sleep while he is constantly snoring in slumberland. The fact is, although your husband appears to be resting comfortably, his snoring problem can be an indication of a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea, which includes episodes of breathing interruptions for up to 10 seconds at a time. There are various approaches to a sleep apnea cure as well as snore remedies with hopes of rectifying the annoying problem of snoring.

Some people who have a snoring problem will resort to taking sleep enhancing medications, or even herbal sleep aids. While these products may or may not provide an easier approach to falling asleep, they do not necessarily stop the snoring problem. In fact, your husband’s snoring may even become louder because the neck is too relaxed. Alcohol consumption too close to bedtime will have the same effect as sleeping aids.

There are several types of snore remedies available on the market today. Among these stop snoring products is a snoring pillow which will keep the snoring individual sleeping on their side. Believe it or not, there are even snoring sprays which promise to alleviate a snoring problem. Nasal strips are sold at any drug store and fit across the nose to possibly eliminate snoring while opening up congested passageways. Depending on the individual and the nature of the snoring problem, these products may or may not have positive results. Other devices which are usually doctor or dentist recommended are sleep apnea devices and oral appliances for apnea and snoring. Also, a steam vaporizer will help with dryness in the air or any nasal congestion promoting a snoring problem. Obesity is a sure instigator of snoring. Finally, put your husband on a diet. At a few pounds less, there will be a little less snoring as well.