My Triglycerides Too High – What Should I Do to Lower Them?

Triglycerides Too HighAre you worried about your health and wondering how to lower your triglycerides the natural way without the use of chemical prescription drugs with their harsh side effects?

The causes for triglycerides too high vary in nature and your lifestyle. There’s a wide range of factors contributing to your high triglyceride count like your genetics, age, gender, diet preferences, chronic illnesses, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking.

The most important step in managing your triglycerides too high condition is your diet for high triglycerides. Contrary to a popular belief that a diet low in saturated fat can reduce triglycerides, some leading health experts strongly believe that it is your excessive carbohydrate intake that is causing triglycerides too high. In a low fat diet people tend to over-consume carbohydrates to compensate for the calorie gap left after animal fat elimination step. Too much of carbohydrates like simple sugar, carbonated drinks, bread, pasta, rice, crackers, fruit and juices cause your levels of insulin to skyrocket negatively affecting your causes of high triglycerides.

In your diet for high triglycerides make a strong emphasis on seasonal vegetables and berries, avocados, lean cuts of meat, wild-caught fish, walnuts and almonds. If your triglycerides too high you will greatly benefit from supplementing your diet with organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil, flax seeds and cod liver oil supplements loaded with antioxidants and Omega3 fatty acids to keep your heart healthy for life. Niacin, red yeast rice extract and artichoke leaf extract are all excellent choices to reduce high triglycerides the natural way.

Managing your weigh by remaining physically active and getting involved in a regular exercise regimen will also help you with your “triglycerides too high” problem.