Nail Fungus Cure – What Is Really Helping?

Nail Fungus CureAbout 40 million Americans are searching for that elusive nail fungus cure. You can easily catch nail fungus from others by sharing nail clippers or scissors. You can also catch it by walking barefoot in moist public places like locker rooms, public showers and pool or beach decks. The culprit may be yeast or a mold. Symptoms of nail fungus include thickening and yellowing of the nail. In more advanced cases the nail pulls away from the nail bed and cracks appear. Whether you have fingernail fungus or toenail fungus, the result is unsightly nails and embarrassment. Most people will try one or another nail fungus home remedy. Most of them will not find a nail fungus cure. People use many treatments including Vicks Vaporub, chlorine bleach, vinegar, peroxide, and tea tree oil. Others hope for a nail fungus cure in the form of over the counter antifungal nail polish. In milder cases, these remedies may offer a cure, but treatment usually must continue for a long period of time. Oral antifungal medication offers a little more hope for a nail fungus cure, but once again, the treatment time is very long. In the case of these oral medications, side effects can be quite serious.

The first attempts at using lasers for a nail fungus cure involved making channels in the nail so that the topical medication could get down to the fungus under the nail. Results were not much better than using the topical medication alone. Newer lasers can be targeted to reach underneath the nail where the fungus is growing. The fungus is destroyed but the nail and tissue are left intact. One toenail fungus laser treatment is all that is needed. Once the fungus is destroyed, healthy nails begin to grow back. New laser treatments give hope to the millions who suffer from this condition.