Nail Fungus Home Remedy – Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar, Peroxide or Bleach?

Nail Fungus Home RemedyUsing a nail fungus home remedy is safe and will not cause liver damage, which most if not all nail fungus prescriptions do. More and more people are choosing to use more holistic practices opposed to prescribed medications when dealing with a fungal nail infection. Start with wearing loose fitting shoes that breathe or sandals to keep the fungus at bay. If you must wear closed shoes that allow for less air to flow, wear white cotton socks and use antifungal nail polish.

There is no one nail fungus cure that works faster than the other. Using the remedy that works well for you consistently, and staying away from the environment that caused your toe fungus is the best defense. Tea tree oil, vinegar, peroxide and bleach are all regularly used as a unique nail fungus home remedy for many different intervals. However, the effectiveness of each item definitely varies.

Tea Tree Oil is light yellow to clear in color and has a fresh almost floral odor that is quite pleasing. After the infected area is cleansed, and the nail is made soft and pliable with a soak, apply a small amount of tea tree oil twice daily. After steady use, you will have visual confirmation of the fleeting fungus.

White vinegar is preferable and should be used twice a day, at least. Fungus can’t live or grow in acidic environments. Within approximately two weeks, you will notice the color or your toenails change back to normal. This is a very safe and reliable nail fungus home remedy that has an extremely high success rate.

Using a peroxide soak of no more than three percent hydrogen peroxide to water is recommended. However, it usually takes a few months before this nail fungus home remedy starts to give patients any real relief. Using too much hydrogen peroxide cause your nail to become weak, brittle and powdery, so use extreme caution.

Bleach can be used as a nail fungus home remedy, but it can also be dangerous. You will need to use a minute amount of bleach, which amounts to a little less than a teaspoon of bleach for every gallon of water. Soak your feet in the bleach and water solution for 15 minutes maximum, then rinse your feet off with regular water. It should take around 10 days to see white toenail fungus start to recede.