Natural Calm Magnesium Review

Natural Calm MagnesiumNatural Calm Magnesium is a powdered product that boasts a unique delivery system of the magnesium that everyone’s body needs. Their blend is water soluble which purportedly lends to the body’s ability to better absorb it, an uncommon claim amongst many competing magnesium supplements. Each serving consists of a duo of rounded teaspoons which are added to hot water or cold or bottled water. Flavors like raspberry lemon add some pizzazz to H2O, making the administration of Natural Calm Magnesium much more tasty and pleasurable. For people on restrictive diets, you’ll be happy to know that it’s gluten free, cruelty free, yeast, egg, dairy and other allergen free, preservative free and vegan. Natural Calm Magnesium powder certainly accommodates nutritional values of all types of people.

Many users post positive reviews about their experiences with Natural Calm Magnesium. While it’s well known that this compound is largely effective against the druthers of constipation, it actually is touted in many other uses. For example, many reviewers found that using this product reduced their anxiety and reduced stress levels. Others also added that they had been able to relieve their insomnia, which potentially could have arisen as magnesium deficiency symptoms. Muscle aches and cramps have also reportedly been quelled by using this supplement, and oral health improvements as well as those involving hair quality and quantity were also noted. Other reviewers indicate that brain fog and depression were both markedly improved while utilizing this versatile powder. Many women report that the pains and discomfort of monthly menstruation are also remedied in part by with this magnesium supplement product. Most however simply appreciate the product’s ability to induce calm and help those with difficulty sleeping.

There are some downsides to the product as many users find that the supposedly “great tasting” raspberry lemon flavor is anything but, and elect instead to add the original unflavored version of Natural Calm Magnesium to an already flavored beverage thereby avoiding the displeasure of the taste. While most reviews of the product are positive, there are some people who even after a week or more of use didn’t notice any positive effects of changes in their mental capacity, stress levels or ability to sleep. There are some gray areas and while many people either had great results with the product or none at all, some experienced benefits, but not in all areas. For instance, some users did not get any improvement in sleeping, however noticed a distinct reduction in the number of leg cramps they experienced.

It’s important to discuss any type of supplement you are planning on taking with your health care provider whether it is a one ingredient product like Natural Calm Magnesium or a combination compound like ZMA, a zinc magnesium blend. Although normally safe, there are drug interactions, side effects and potentially adverse effects on existing health conditions that you will want to discuss with your doctor so that he or she can help you weigh magnesium supplements benefits against their risk to you.