Natural Immunity Boosters: What Is Working and What Is Not?

Natural Immunity BoostersWhether it is an action you can take for yourself, or immune system supplements you may include in your daily diet, natural immunity boosters can play a role in keeping a body healthy, even during flu season. Even those with weakened immune systems can only benefit by taking advantage of natural immunity boosters. A healthy diet and moderate activity as well as immune system supplements will provide protection from contagious flu bugs, and build up healthy cells to ward off cancer causing critters just waiting to make their unwelcomed debut.

Something as simple as a daily 20 to 30 minute is a way of boosting immune system naturally. Folks leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk throughout the day and on a sofa watching television until bedtime, are not providing themselves with satisfactory immunity protection. Being overweight is also a hindrance to the immune system. Letting daily stress get the best of you will also build a barrier between you and a healthy immune system. A diet loaded with fat and sugar is a sure way of aiding to a weakened immune system.

Studies have shown that natural immunity boosters like a bit of exercise, a proper diet, and various immune boosting supplements can give the body the ammunition it needs to build a stable immune system. Walking as little as 20 minutes only 3 days per week is a natural immunity booster. Increase that 30 minutes for 5 days and the common cold will be in for a battle. In a daily regime of supplements, include antioxidants and nutrients which are known for immunity boosting. Known to be highly effective antioxidants are supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and beta-carotene.

Changing a diet to include more vegetables, fruits especially from citrus family, and whole grains, rather than high fat and sugary foods is another natural immunity booster. The overweight individual is more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and more. Another natural immunity booster is to be sociable and enjoy your friends. Being lonely will weaken immunities. With a few simple lifestyle changes like a change of diet, a little exercise, getting a good night sleep, going to the movies with friends, and taking daily supplements, your immunity system will be powerful enough to battle any infection or disease waiting to make its move.