Neck Sagging – How to Reverse This Condition?

Neck SaggingNeck sagging is every aging person’s nightmare. However, not only do the aging end up with neck sagging. Many are genetically inclined to have this unsightly condition. Then again, someone who has lost a tremendous amount of weight may also be blessed with neck sagging. Another reason for this extra skin can be from too much fat padded under the chin causing the neck to sag. For whatever the reason may be, there is hope on reversing the condition of a sagging neckline.

Some methods are extreme and include surgical augmentation. Cervicoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens and removes excess skin folds. Very often, this procedure is done in conjunction with a facelift. Neck liposuction is often performed for the removal of the fattiness under the chin. This is done by making a small incision under the chin and using a long metal tube to remove the fat. These somewhat invasive methods of treatment will involve swelling, bruising, and a few weeks of recovery time.

For neck sagging, there is the other extreme of reversing the sagginess by simply applying top wrinkle creams, or lifecell wrinkle cream on the neck to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. Lifecell cream is said to be the solely needed product for anti aging issues. It is suggested that wrinkle creams that also tighten the skin are to be used on a regular basis for the best results. If discontinued, the wrinkles and sagging will return. This is also true for eliminating neck sagging by way of neck strengthening exercises and neck wrinkles exercises. This method of treatment to get rid of the unwanted sagging under the chin must also be continued to have permanent results. It has been proven that such exercises will definitely tighten the skin and smooth away wrinkles and sagginess.