Neck Wrinkles Exercises for Firm Neck

Neck Wrinkles ExercisesBelieve it or not, at times the condition of one’s neck is a sure sign of their aging process. Whether for neck sagging or wrinkles, the neck should be cared for just as we would our faces. Neck creams are available to help with the aging neck appearance. Or, the more clinical method of neck wrinkles laser is sometime the choice of treatment. For practicality purposes, neck wrinkles exercises are cost free, easy to do, and effective with continued repetition. Some will proclaim the neck wrinkles exercises is the best way of getting rid of neck wrinkles.

There are steps in properly performing neck wrinkles exercises. With repetition of performing these neck wrinkles exercises in 3 sets of 20 times each, results should be noticeable in no time at all.

1. With your mouth, form the letter O while drawing downward, the mouth at its sides until feeling a pulling sensations below the neck. This feeling will tell you the muscles are working properly for results.

2. With your hand on the neck, draw your skin downward while moving your head in each direction at a slow pace. This is one of the neck wrinkles exercises which can be done even sitting at your desk at work.

3. Cover your neck with your hand and draw the skin or your neck downward. When tilting the head back, you should feel the tautness of your neck before returning to a normal position.

4. Another of the neck wrinkles exercise is done while lying down, and then lifting your head before moving it to each side.

5. As your mouth stays open, recite all of the vowels, A, E, I, O, and U. However, do not close your mouth at any time of reciting these vowels. This exercise done at least 10 times for 3 sets is most sufficient.