Neck Wrinkles Laser Treatment Review

Neck Wrinkles LaserFor some people, neck wrinkles laser treatment is a newer alternative to traditional neck lift surgery. During neck wrinkles laser treatment, the surface layers of the skin are destroyed with a CO2 laser so that new collagen and skin will form. The procedure is painful so you will be given a topical anesthetic and probably a tranquilizer. Some people who are having neck wrinkles laser treatment opt for general anesthesia because they find the procedure too stressful. Before and after surgery you will be expected to stay out of the sun. Antibiotics may be prescribed in order to prevent the complication of infection. Recovery typically takes up to two weeks or more. During recovery, your skin will look sunburned. You can expect pain and sometimes a feeling of pulling or burning. The doctor may also prescribe ointments to help with pain and healing. Your doctor or another staff person will instruct you in the care of your skin after the procedure and how to protect your new skin from the sun. Although you may notice some improvement almost immediately, you can expect even more improvement over the next half year or so.

Depending on the nature of the problem, your plastic surgeon may recommend other procedures or solutions instead of neck wrinkles laser treatment. Neck wrinkles exercises can tighten and tone muscles that have become relaxed over time. In cases where layers of fat have accumulated around the neck, liposuction may be the treatment of choice. Even the best anti wrinkle cream cannot stop aging skin completely. You can help slow the rate at which your skin ages by always using sunscreen and adopting an overall healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke. Avoid excess alcohol consumption. Keep yourself hydrated and use moisturizer to keep your skin looking young as long as possible.