Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline – Easy or Tough to Follow?

Nicotine Withdrawal TimelineAre you considering quitting smoking and wandering what the nicotine withdrawal timeline will be like and for how long you are going to experience the side effects of quitting smoking? Let us start by offering you a loud round of applause for your determination and decision to kick the deadly habit even if you are just thinking about it.

There are numerous benefits of giving up smoking both short and long term. In the short term, within 20 minutes of you taking in the last puff your blood pressure and pulse rates start returning to normal levels, the temperature of you limbs starts going up as there’s no more oxygen restriction caused by nicotine. At about a 24 hour mark of a cigarette-free living the levels of carbon monoxide in your body decrease, in return increasing the oxygen supply of your entire body.

The nicotine withdrawal timeline will vary from individual to individual and can take anywhere from 3 days to a couple of months. Some people report no food cravings or difficulties of smoking cessation at all.

Some people might experience some side effects of quitting smoking like anxiety, anger, extreme hunger and cravings of sweets, headaches, shortness of breath, insomnia, constipation and odd aches and pains across the body. All these symptoms are normal within the nicotine withdrawal timeline and are temporary. Nicotine is a powerful drug and stimulant raising our blood pressure, blood sugar levels and rates of respiration. When body is addicted to cigarettes and stops getting its regular boost of nicotine, all these unfortunate side effects of quitting smoking might kick in.

In approximately a year within the nicotine withdrawal timeline your chances of suffering a heart attack are reduced by two fold. Within 5-15 years of quitting smoking your likelihood of developing lung cancer returns to the levels of a non-smoking person.

Some innovative approaches to help you with this deadly addiction like acupuncture to stop smoking can lessen your side effects and unhealthy cravings you might experience within your nicotine withdrawal timeline.