Nitric Oxide Side Effects

Nitric Oxide Side EffectsNitric oxide supplements have become incredibly popular and remain one of the top sellers among all muscle building supplements. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that plays a very significant role in controlling many major bodily functions like dilating blood vessels and keeping them relaxed, promoting proper digestion, effective erection and protecting body from various types of bacteria and fungi.

L-Arginine and nitric oxide connection is especially appealing for people seeking to increase their fitness levels, build stronger and leaner muscles. L-Arginine amino acid also triggers nitric oxide formation, helps keep blood vessels dilated and improves blood circulation.

Nitric oxide side effects occur when the concentration of this important substance is higher than normal, which in turn triggers beneficial nitric oxide to transform into a strong nitrogen free radical.
If you have one of several of the listed below health conditions, you should not take nitric oxide supplements to avoid hazardous nitric oxide side effects:
– Allergies
– Previous exposure to carbon monoxide
– Low levels of hemoglobin
Estrogen dominance or any other high estrogen conditions
– Heart conditions

In case you suspect any of these conditions, nitric oxide side effects could manifest themselves in mild to severe indigestion symptoms, headaches, fatigue, severe allergic reactions and tremors. Extreme nitric oxide side effects could be so serious they might require immediate hospitalization.
L-Arginine and nitric oxide can interfere with the use of some medications, namely, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, Lysine and some potassium altering medicines.
To avoid major nitric oxide side effects, always talk to your doctor before initiating any supplement therapy.