No Carb Diet – Human Carnivorism or New Weight Loss Solution?

No Carb DietIs a no carb diet the newest and most effective way to lose weight? These diets are the newest in a long line of weight loss plans, and they are gaining popularity quickly. A no carb diet is exactly what it sounds like, you eliminate all forms of carbohydrates from your daily diet. Many experts have called these diets a form of human carnivorism, because they usually only include only meat and fat from animal-based products.

One of the dangers with a no carb diet is the extra work that your liver, kidneys, and other organs must do to filter out your body wastes when carbs are eliminated. This is because this process forces your body to use stored fat for energy instead of the missing carbs. This state is called ketosis, and as a result more waste products are produced and need to be removed.

A high protein low carb diet can be followed without reducing your nutritional intake severely, and when used for short periods can be a safe and effective way to jump start your weight loss program. This may not be true if you follow a no carb diet, because serious side effects may occur that can be dangerous or even fatal. Most experts believe that not allowing any carbs at all can increase the risks of organ damage and other medical complications,some of which are permanent or can cause death.

One of the dangers with a no carb diet is an excessive intake of protein instead. You may be getting too much protein, which can be very hard on your body. The amount of protein required will vary with each individual, and this fact is not usually considered with most of the diet plans that completely eliminate carbs. High protein diet side effects can be mild or severe, and may require medical attention or even hospitalization.