Non Surgical Brow Lift – Which Filler To Choose?

Non Surgical Brow LiftMaking the decision to have a non surgical brow lift versus one involving more invasive techniques is only half the battle. Because of the nature of non surgical eye bag removal and forehead lifts, you may have some choices to make. Now, it’s possible that your doctor will have his or her own methods and selection of products and you may not be given the option between them; but, when it comes to selecting fillers for your non surgical brow lift, you may have a few choices to make, so do your home work if the decision is being left up to you.

First, you will need to think about how your forehead muscles are going to be “relaxed.” By relaxing the muscles in your forehead that pull everything southward, things can then be manipulated “upward”. Botox is used for this function, and so is Dysport. Your doctor may or may not give you a choice between these two for your eyebrow lift without surgery.

The next part of your non surgical brow lift to consider is fillers. What product are you going to have put in to fill up those fine lines and wrinkles? There are two products widely used, Restylane and Jevederm. Both are FDA approved for adding some lift to your forehead, but some users report greater success with one over the other. One user reported longer lasting effects after using Juvederm for her non surgical brow lift, while another reports that Restylane is a more dependable product. Users have opinions on both fillers based on everything from how long the results last to how large the needle is. Some users report that Juvederm is a smoother product than Restylane, while others contest that Resylane is just as good, and cheaper.

You will have a difficult time deciding on the best products for your non surgical brow lift without the guidance and advice of a good doctor. The best plastic surgeons will consult with you during every phase of your procedure, including selections concerning fillers. In the end, while the no-surgery route can certainly be cheaper than traditional brow lift plastic surgery, it’s a process that must be repeated, making product selection all the more important and worth a lot of research and consideration on your part.