Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Myths and Facts

Non Surgical RhinoplastyRhinoplasty cosmetic surgery comes with a great deal of recovery time following the procedure. First of all, there will be bruising involved. This is followed by rhinoplasty swelling which takes months to return to its normal stage. Then there is the rhinoplasty gone wrong, the procedure which results as a dissatisfaction to the patient. The new look is not what was expected. Quite often, a patient will go through the non surgical rhinoplasty at that point. Is the surgical method of rhinoplasty for you? Or, is the non surgical rhinoplasty the road you want to take for nose augmentation? Perhaps a few points will answer any questions before any decisions are made.

The following are myths and facts about non surgical rhinoplasty:

MYTH: Any plastic surgeon can do rhinoplasty without surgery.
FACT: Although almost any plastic surgeon can do this procedure, not every surgeon is an expertise at this type of procedure, whether surgical or non surgical.

MYTH: Surgical and non surgical rhinoplasty have the same results.
FACT: Fillers used in non surgical rhinoplasty do not last as long at the components used in a full surgical procedure.

MYTH: Some folks may feel the non surgical rhinoplasty is sufficient for the minor changes they desire.
FACT: The plastic surgeon knows best of what procedure is needed. Factors, such as if injectable fillers alone can correct the problem or not, will fall into play.

MYTH: Since rhinoplasty performed non surgically is non invasive, there is no chance for infection.
FACT: With any medical procedure, there is a chance for infection, swelling, and even bruising. However, it may be minimal compared to surgical rhinoplasty.

MYTH: Rhinoplasty without surgery will correct any type of nasal deformity.
FACT: Only surgical rhinoplasty will fully correct a deviated septum which causes breathing problems and bloody noses.