Normal Blood Sugar Levels After Eating

Normal Blood Sugar LevelsBlood sugar is the amount of glucose that is in your blood, and understanding what normal blood sugar levels after eating are can help you monitor this factor and prevent any medical complications. Glucose is used by your body as energy, and too much of this substance in the bloodstream can lead to medical complications which can become life threatening. If your levels are high you may need to reduce blood sugar by insulin if you are diabetic.

Normal blood sugar levels two hours after eating a meal should be less than 140 mg/dL. Testing for fasting blood sugar should give a result between 70-100 mg/dL. Results which are higher than this could indicate early onset diabetes, and should be evaluated by a physician. Results which are lower than 70 mg/dL could indicate hypoglycemia. Because the level of glucose in your blood can vary during the day your doctor may want to test both the fasting level and level after eating.

There is a link between sugar and immune system function, and if your blood sugar levels are high this can impair the ability of your immune system to be effective and fight off threats. Keeping normal blood sugar levels will help you stay healthy, and prevent you from catching as many colds and bugs. A fasting blood sugar level is done after you have not had anything to eat or drink for at least eight hours, and this is normally done first thing in the morning after fasting all night.

Proper insulin production by your pancreas is essential for good health and normal blood sugar levels. It may be beneficial to create a blood sugar level chart to track your blood sugar levels. The chart does not have to be fancy, and only needs to include a few columns. Write down the date and time of each check, as well as the results. Another column should be added for any special notes for that entry.