Normal Triglyceride Level for Men

Normal Triglyceride LevelWhen triglyceride levels are high, there are also high levels of additional calories that have been consumed creating additional lipids to circulate in the blood. Elevated triglycerides will increase the threat of heart disease and stroke. According to the advice from the American Heart Association, everyone over the age of 20 years should have the necessary tests to determine their cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Common to diets today are fried, fast foods high in trans fats, a downfall to maintaining a normal triglyceride level.

The triglycerides diet has much to do with the levels. Keep in mind that false results are sometimes obtained, especially if a meal rich in fat was consumed within hours of testing. It sometimes takes several hours to metabolize such a meal. Normal levels of triglycerides may vary differently for men than from women. An optimal level for men considered to b a normal triglyceride level is under 150mg/dl for men. Up to 199mg/dl is considered to be a borderline high. With 200 to 499mg/dl, a man is thought to have a high level and should take action with a triglycerides diet low in fat. A level over 500 is life threatening at this extreme level.

Any individual over the normal triglyceride level should learn about the triglycerides foods to avoid. Fatty foods, sugar, alcohol, and high carbohydrates are among the high triglycerides foods to avoid. A diet change alone is not how to lower your triglycerides completely. Daily exercise will also lower the overall cholesterol levels including triglycerides. Exercise along with a proper diet is detrimental to obtaining a normal triglyceride level. The result of such exercise and a conscious effort of eating the right foods will also help in dropping extra weight, a sure way of increasing energy and normalizing cholesterol levels, including triglycerides.