Numb Big Toe Causes

Numb Big ToeHave you asked yourself a question what is causing my big toe being numb? Is it just tight shoes or something much bigger going on? In order to answer the question of what is causing the numb big toe, you need to assess all possible symptoms and exact sensations that you are experiencing.

Are you on your feet all day, sitting at the desk or have you been traveling by airplanes a lot lately? Poor circulation in feet could be triggered by prolonged sitting or standing position when blood does not flow freely restricting oxygen supply and as a result giving you a numb big toe.

Do you like wearing high heels all day or you like no heels at all? Both options are bad as the most ergonomic shoe will have a small heel to enable us to keep proper posture and eliminate toe numbness. Do your shoes have especially narrow toes that could be squeezing on your big toe all day? Finding the shoes with proper heel, round or square toes and in the right size can help you eliminate feet numbness and numb big toe in the first place.

Bunions could also be another of numb big toe causes and is a direct result of bone overgrowth in the area of a big toe that subsequently pushes the big toe to the side, creating numb big toe, foot aches, trouble walking and difficulty finding a nice-fitting pair of shoes. Women are especially predisposed to bunions as they spend more time on their feet taking care of the household or wearing wrong type or size of shoes.

If you have a history of diabetes, arthritis or any other major health condition, it will manifest itself in poor circulation in feet, swollen joints and provide you with the answer to your numb big toe question. Keeping your blood sugar levels under control will prevent damage to blood veins and arteries and increase blood circulation in your whole body.

If you are experiencing poor circulation in hands, feet and toe numbness this could be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and that alone could be a signal of future health problems and should be addressed with your doctor as soon as possible.