Olive Leaf Extract Candida Treatment Review

olive leaf extract candidaAncient people have been utilizing olive leaf extract benefits for centuries including everything from healing wounds to curing malaria and it’s because of the powerful components found within this special leaf. While there are some concerns about the lack of study involving the holistic remedy

with regards proper olive leaf extract dosage and potential side effects (although there are no known side effects aside from occasional stomach discomfort in some users) its generally considered safe for use and potentially effective for use in many health applications. The olive leaf complex of compounds provides uses in everything from nerve health to lowering blood pressure purportedly, however there may be another less talked about application, and that is an olive leaf extract candida treatment.

Candida is a common fungus that is part of the naturally occurring flora of all humans. It’s carried on and within us every day and is most notably responsible for candida symptoms in women, presenting as a yeast infection, although candida can also cause conditions in the mouth and throat as well. Most of the time, candida causes few issues; it just hangs out and exists unnoticed. But, there are some times when an overgrowth of this prolific microscopic shroom relative can cause problems within the body, and that is when many consider a candidiasis treatment option.

Olive leaf can be useful in this application because of its known use as an antifungal. In fact, while the olive leaf extract candida relationship may be in the early stages of exploration, this fungus fighter has been used previously for other fungal maladies like jock itch and athlete’s foot. It’s also known as an antibacterial agent and an immune system booster. For these reasons, it’s thought that an olive leaf extract candida treatment can yield success in as little as a month in cases of overgrowth, and even less time when serving as a remedy for a yeast infection. For overgrowth treatment, the early phases involve larger doses, usually taken by capsule up to three times daily. This is thought to inhibit the overgrowth of candida and is the primary mechanism of action in the olive leaf extract candida treatment plan.

There are some other things to consider when using olive leaf for treating candida. For instance, your diet will play almost as important of a role during an olive leaf extract candida treatment plan as using the extract itself. Since sugars and starches are what serve as food for the shrooming escalation, eliminating these from the diet and reducing intake of candida feast favorites will also be essential to eradicating overgrowth.

Users report mixed results of using the treatment and since few studies or tests as to the effectiveness of this form of therapy have been conducted, there is little supporting evidence aside from word of mouth. However, if you have elected a candida cleanse for symptom relief, there is no question that the anti fungal properties of olive leaf can serve as a useful addition.
Remember to talk to your doctor before tackling candida on your own in order to ensure that you are healthy enough to partake in cleansing activities and that you aren’t taking any medications or have any health problems that may be negatively affected by olive leaf extract or any other products that you are considering using.