Olive Leaf Extract Side Effects

Olive Leaf Extract Side EffectsThere are some possible olive leaf extract side effects that may be experienced with this herbal remedy, but almost all of these are mild and are not serious enough to seek medical help. For many people the side effects experienced are not even severe enough to stop using this substance. In most cases the olive leaf extract benefits will outweigh any risks of uncomfortable side effects. One of the most common is the detox effect occurring as the extract starts detoxifying the body. Numerous microbes may overwhelm the body as these organisms die off, and this is the cause of many of the possible olive leaf extract side effects.

Whether the extract is used in olive leaf tea, capsule form or with another method, the possible side effects will be the same. Fatigue can occur as the body works hard to eliminate built up toxins and diarrhea may occur as well. Headaches are another one of the most common olive leaf extract side effects, and this symptom may also be caused by microbe overload during the detoxification process. This side effect can also occur when an olive leaf nasal spray is used. These symptoms do not normally require any treatment and will usually go away once the toxins have been removed from the body.

Aches in the muscles and joints are another of the most common olive leaf extract side effects. Some rarer symptoms can include nausea, fever, and vaginal soreness if a vaginal yeast infection is present. A sore throat and excessive sweating can also occur when this extract is used. If any of the side effects become bothersome it is advised that the olive leaf extract dosage is adjusted to eliminate these symptoms while still gaining the possible health benefits. If an adjustment in the dose used does not make the side effects go away then a consultation with a physician should be arranged.