Olive Leaf Nasal Spray Review

olive leaf nasal sprayOlive leaf has been used as medicine since ancient times and one of the things it is most well known for is its use as an anti bacterial agent, as well as being an antifungal remedy. Because of these olive leaf extract benefits

, it’s no surprise that this natural product has turned up in all sorts of holistic medicines, with one of the newest additions being olive leaf nasal spray.

Nasal problems are common and one of the most frequent nose maladies is a sinus infection. Because a bacterial sinus infection is most often the culprit, it’s not a shock that the use of olive leaf nasal spray is thought to provide relief by attacking the bacteria that is causing the underlying infection. And, while there are many options for home remedies for sinus infection symptoms, few can boast the all natural ingredient content of products like Seagate olive leaf nasal spray which contains not only the leaf from the olive tree but also extract of grapefruit seed as well as wild indigo. This product is not only intended to help treat the bacterial root of the problem, but also make breathing easier and reduce the other symptoms of nasal infection. Independent lab tests conducted with the use of this product showed an eradication of offending bacteria, which is the fastest way to provide relief from symptoms.

Users attest that symptoms that can be associated with seasonal allergies such as runny noses and stuffy noses are alleviated with the olive leaf extract benefits contained in this nasal spray. It’s also been claimed by users that nasal sensitivity to mold and other offenders is staved with the use of this product. Even patients plagued with sinusitis, an often chronic condition, found symptom relief with the use of olive leaf nasal spray.

Not only are the positive symptom relief benefits evident in many uses of olive leaf nasal spray, there are other factors that reviewers rave about such as ease of use. Over the counter and medicine based products often create a burning or stinging sensation in the nose, and users claim that natural sprays derived from olive leaf are devoid of these unpleasant side effects. Additionally, the unpleasant taste that can accompany many sinus relief products that are administered through the nose are also absent with olive leaf nasal spray.

There are some downsides to the product however, with one of them being cost. Running at around ten dollars at its cheapest, it’s likely to be more expensive than many products that can be found over the counter. Additionally, because it’s considered a holistic remedy, there may be some questions regarding appropriate olive leaf extract dosage when taken nasally, and therefore you should discuss the use of this product with your health care provider before use. It’s also a good idea to consult with your physician before use to ensure that there are no health concerns with the use of this product. However, overall, the use of nasal sprays made from the extract of olive leaf provide relief to many sufferers of nose nuisances whether caused from sinus infections or seasonal allergies and it might be worth a try for you, particularly if you find yourself overly sensitive to over the counter remedies or are looking for a more natural product.