Different Types of Cancer

Types of CancerCancer is defined as the growth of malignant cells and can appear virtually anywhere in the body and can spread rapidly to affect any organ or tissue. At this point in medical history there are over 100 various types of cancer that have been documented, however, everyday doctors are faced with new and unusual types of cancer that are yet to be studied and treated.

Breast cancer is one of the highly discussed types of cancer in mass media and, therefore, public awareness has been made for women to conduct monthly personal health screenings. Mostly females are affected by breast cancer, however, some males can also be diagnosed with cancerous tumor in the breast tissues. There are multiple risk factors that predispose certain women to developing breast tumors, mainly, hereditary factors, using hormone birth control pills, exposure to Xenoestrogens, smoking, drinking alcohol or being obese. There are different forms of the cancer of the breast tissue and the survival rates will mostly depend on a specific type of cancer and its stage. The earlier the stage, the higher the incident of recovery is! Some holistic medical practitioners strongly believe against performing routine mammograms because these might expose women to unnecessary radiation levels and might trigger cancer by themselves. There’s a better alternative to mammograms which is thermography. One of the fantastic herbal remedies that may prevent cancerous tumors in the breasts combined with healthy lifestyles is organic turmeric supplement.

Oral cancer is showcased by malignant tumors or lesions that can appear on a patient’s lip, tongue, gum line or throat. Virtually anybody can get affected by oral cancer, however, males who are in their 40’s and who drink, smoke and/ or chew tobacco are several times more likely to develop these types of cancer. The average survival rate for oral type of cancer is about 60% with early intervention, however, this depends on a patient’s medical history, age and a variety of other factors. The warning signs of emergent oral type of cancer could be lumps near neck or ear, hard to heal lesions on the outside of the mouth or inside of it, loose teeth and frequent mouth bleeds.

Pituitary cancer is a form of malignant cell growth in the pituitary gland located inside your head below the brain. Due to its close proximity to the brain, this type of cancer can spread quickly and cause a lot of damage to a person’s health. Cancer of the pituitary gland is very rare but deadly once diagnosed. This type of cancer is not being routinely screen for, therefore, it is usually detected quite incidentally during various other work ups and tests. Pituitary cancer symptoms can present a number of vision impairments due to its close location to optic nerves, headaches, lethargy, endocrine system disorders and else.

Lung cancer is abnormal growth of cancer cells in the tissue of the lungs. The early warming signs of lung cancer are usually coughing, bloody phlegm, wheezing, chest pains and feeling tired all the time. This type of cancer is one of the deadliest of all types of cancer and early treatment intervention is a must. The average rate of survival for the lung type of cancer is about 50%, however the overall prognosis is not very good. Persons, who smoke regularly, are exposed to secondhand smoking, live in polluted areas or have been exposed to various forms of radiation and toxic agents are at the highest risk group for getting cancer of the lungs.

Liver cancer affects the tissues of one of the most vital organs in a human body. With these types of cancer, malignant growth normally does not start in the liver but rather spreads through metastasis. Primary liver cancer is rather rare. Patients diagnosed with secondary metastasis of the liver do not have a good prognosis and will usually die within a few months or a year depending on the severity of the condition. Hepatitis B and C are more likely causes for this type of cancer rather than alcohol overuse as it’s commonly believed.

Ovarian cancer is one of very common types of cancer in women. Cancerous growth affects ovaries and areas surrounding them. Ovarian cancer is one of the most difficult to treat types of cancer that takes more female lives than any other kind of malignant tumors. Since ovarian tumor symptoms so much resemble other female diseases and conditions, cancer in the ovaries is usually diagnosed too late. Some of the symptoms are as follows: heavy menstrual bleeding or lack of it, bloating, digestive problems, pelvic pain and sensitivity, unexplained weight gain.

Mesothelioma is among aggressive types of cancer that affects the lining of the internal organs of the body. It can affect lungs, abdomen and virtually any organ and system. Symptoms vary on a case by case basis. The main cause of mesothelioma is exposure to toxic substances like asbestos, viruses and radiation treatments. The main focus of the treatment is not to cure the disease but to lessen the severity of the symptoms since there’s currently no cure for this disease.