Onion Juice For Hair Loss – How To Deal With Smell?

Onion Juice For Hair LossOnion juice for hair loss is a natural yet potent method, but the overwhelming smell can be too much for many users. There are several additional ingredients that you can use to cover up the onion smell. In addition, these ingredients will add to the overall health of your hair and assist the onions in penetrating your skin. Here are some tips to stop hair loss naturally with the juice of onions.

Essential oils like rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus can help to make your onion juice for hair loss concoction more effective and smell better at the same time. You will only need to use a couple of drops of the essential oil of your choosing to help promote healthy hair growth. You may also want to try taking hair growth supplements at the same time that you use juice extracted from onions to get even better results.

If you prefer, you may want to use an onion juice for hair loss mask and allow it to sit on your head undisturbed for a few hours. Deep conditioner based home remedies for hair growth help to make your existing strands even more luscious while simultaneously causing new hairs to grow in longer and stronger. Use a few ounces of beer in your hair mask in order to keep the overpowering onion smell at bay.

Honey is yet another ingredient that you can use along with your onion juice for hair loss recipe. Not only is honey a powerful humectant, it also smells wonderful. Your hair will be left feeling soft and smooth, and you will also experience more hair growth in thin areas.

You can experiment with just any ingredient that you want, but remember that onions have a very obnoxious scent. If you use an onion-based leave-in treatment, you run the risk of others being offended by the smell of your hair. Try using these recipes at night, over the weekend or whenever you will have the opportunity to be by yourself for an extended period. Within a few treatments, you should notice fuller hair and more pronounced growth in all of your trouble areas.