Online Menstrual Cycle Calculator – Which One Is The Most Accurate?

menstrual cycle calculatorMany people have never heard of a menstrual cycle calculator and have no idea what they are and what they might be used for. However, this handy online tool can provide a lot of benefits that you may not be thinking about.

For instance, those planning a vacation may elect to pick days that aren’t going to be affected by a long menstrual cycle. Additionally, scheduling an appointment with the gynecologist and avoiding days when you might be on your period is another great use for an online menstrual cycle calculator. You may even find that if you are trying to get pregnant, an online menstrual calculator can provide valuable information about the days that you may be the most fertile and have the greatest chances of conception. Still, another valuable use for an online menstrual cycle calculator is to help identify the signs of an abnormal menstrual cycle, as many of the online resources that provide this type of service also allow you to track and monitor your monthly visitor to identify changes such as an abnormally short menstrual cycle, or one that is appearing too soon or too late or is missing entirely, which is also known as an irregular menstrual cycle. This type of tracking can be incredibly useful when trying to demonstrate menstrual abnormalities to your health care provider and being able to show them trends and records of when your period is actually occurring, versus when it should be.

You have many choices available to you when it comes to picking the best and most accurate menstrual cycle calculator. WebMD has some great resources to show you various stages of your monthly cycle and what types of changes to expect during these times of the month; however, it offers little in the way of actually calculating your period (although, its tools for ovulation monitoring are quite good.) Funnily enough, some of the best choices for an online menstrual cycle calculator come from the manufacturers of products designed for use during this time such as pads and tampons. And, larger and better known companies such as Always and Kotex offer menstrual calculators that you can use online.

Kotex’s calculator is purported to be the best based on its ease of use and accuracy. By answering just a few simple questions, you can be well on your way to planning out your next thirty days and working around your period. Using your email address, you can also track and log your cycles which will in turn make future cycle predictions even more accurate. It allows you to customize and personalize your results based on information that is unique to you and can even keep track of your flow and what days it was heavy and what days it was light. Additionally, you can enter notes about how you feel during your period such as episodes of moodiness and discomfort.

You have many choices when it comes to online resources for estimating and tracking your period, however for accuracy and a personalized approach that isn’t found with other comparable calculators, Kotex’s offering is the best menstrual cycle calculator.