Oral hCG for Obesity Treatment Pros and Cons

Oral hCG for Obesity TreatmentOral hCG for obesity treatment has both pros and cons, and you should understand both sides of this treatment before you start using it for your obesity management. HCG shots for weight loss side effects have been used for many years to fight weight gain and obesity, but these shots have many downsides. The oral form of the drug was created to be used by placing under your tongue where the substance dissolves and is absorbed. The link between fast food and obesity in America has made this treatment even more popular, as more people struggle to lose weight and avoid obesity.

Pros of Oral hCG For Obesity Treatment

Oral use offers a number of advantages over the injection form, and over not using this treatment at all when it comes to obesity. This substance helps to boost your metabolism, and when combined with foods that increase metabolism you can get a one two punch with weight loss. The oral form is much easier to take, because there are no needles or injections necessary. There is also no pain involved with the treatment, because the oral supplement is placed under your tongue, where it dissolves quickly. No side effects are another bonus, and with this treatment the weight lost is fat instead of muscle or water, so you keep the weight off instead of gaining back again in most cases. The oral form works quickly and is very effective at causing weight loss, and it is normally preferred over the injectable form of the hormone. Oral hCG has been shown to work better than lipotropic b12 injections for many individuals, with more weight loss seen and more energy felt. Rapid weight loss that is inexpensive and easy to use, with proven results when you use oral hCG.

Cons of Oral hCG For Obesity Treatment

There are very few cons to using the oral hCG method for fighting obesity and for weight loss. This is a relatively new obesity treatment option, although the injections of this hormone have been used for decades to promote weight loss. The cost of the oral treatment is fairly inexpensive but is not covered by many insurance policies, so you may have to pay out of pocket compared to some obesity treatments which are covered. Some physicians prefer surgical methods, so you may have to look some before you find a doctor who uses this treatment for weight loss.

Oral hCG for obesity treatment has both pros and cons, but the pros are very numerous and the benefits have been seen by a lot of people. The drawbacks of this treatment are very few, and if obesity treatment is needed this method can be ideal for most people.