Orthodontic Appliances For Overbite Review

Orthodontic Appliances For OverbiteOrthodontic appliances for overbite are designed to correct the condition in which the upper teeth protrude far beyond the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Improper teeth alignment is more than just a cosmetic problem. People with misaligned teeth can easily develop gum disease that makes teeth unstable in their sockets and can even lead to tooth loss. Crooked teeth are harder to clean. Some orthodontic problems can cause difficulty chewing food well and even impact the ability to speak clearly. Orthodontics treatment can resolve the misalignment and prevent more serious future problems. People with crooked teeth and awkward bites are often ashamed of the way they look. They avoid smiling and laughing out of fear that people will judge them because of how their mouth looks. Orthodontic work can restore their smile and confidence as well as protecting their teeth from future problems.

Braces are one type of orthodontic appliances for overbite. Braces, including orthodontic appliances for underbite and orthodontic appliances for crossbite, are installed by securing brackets to the teeth. The brackets may be fastened to the front of the teeth or the back of the teeth. The braces are adjusted periodically to move the teeth into the desired position. Orthodontic appliances for overbite or other bite problems may need to be used on both the upper and lower jaws. Newer appliances have recently come on the market that use a series of nearly invisible plastic trays that gradually guide the teeth into their proper position.

Special care must be used in caring for orthodontic appliances for overbite or any other orthodontic appliances. In addition to superior oral hygiene by brushing and flossing after every meal people with orthodontic appliances should avoid eating between meals. One should avoid hard foods like nuts, hard candy, and popped corn because they can bend or break the wires that connect the brackets. Chewing gum and sticky candies like caramel should also be avoided.