Panax Ginseng Extract Side Effects

Panax Ginseng Extract Side EffectsPanax ginseng extract side effects can be a cause for concern if you take this popular herbal medicine, And it is important to understand what these effects are before you buy panax ginseng. This herb is safe for most individuals to use, but if you have any medical conditions or problems then you should consult with your physician first before starting this or any other herbal treatment. There are some side effects from red panax ginseng, and other types, that you should be aware of. One of these is that this herbal treatment can cause some types of blood tests to come back with false abnormal results, So it is very important that you tell your physician if you are using this herbal medicine.

Other panax ginseng extract side effects can include vomiting, unexplained nosebleeds, and headaches to name a few. These are normally not serious but may become very bothersome, and if this happens then you simply stop taking the Korean red panax ginseng, or any other type that you may be using. Normally you will notice that the panax ginseng extract side effects go away within a day or two after taking the last dose. If the side effects last for more than a short time or become severe then you may need to seek medical attention turn sure that something more serious is not occurring.

Some other possible panax ginseng extract side effects are nervousness, tremors, breast pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vertigo, high blood pressure, and a feeling of euphoria. You could also consider the ginseng royal jelly benefits, and this herbal medicine is rich in vitamins, proteins, enzymes which can help keep you in the best of health and feeling fine. Because this jelly usually contains some ginseng it may also have some of the same panax ginseng extract side effects. You should not take this herb if you are taking certain over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, or if you are pregnant or have psychosis or manic disorders.