Parsley Tea Recipe – Fresh or Dried Parsley Herb To Use?

Parsley Tea RecipeThe best parsley tea recipe uses a potent form of parsley. In the opinion of some health experts, parsley becomes stronger as it is left to dry. However, others feel that parsley is best when used fresh from the garden. There are a couple of different factors that you need to consider before deciding on whether to drink parsley tea with fresh or dried herbs.

If you want to use parsley for its high concentration of vitamin C, you absolutely need to go for the fresh variety. Vitamin c and other vitamins degrade in fresh herbs the longer that they sit around. For immune system health, use a parsley tea recipe that uses fresh stems and leaves from the parsley plant.

Women who are using parsley tea to induce period, contract the uterus or benefit the reproductive system may want to use both fresh and dried herbs. This is because they will need to consume a large quality of parsley in all forms. Fresh parsley will be more potent, but it is easier to buy and keep the dried herb on hand.

Like other herbs, parsley benefits are strongest when you get it while it is extremely fresh. Consider growing a small herb garden in your kitchen window. This will allow you to try out a different parsley tea recipe several times a week. You may even find that the best parsley tea recipe uses both fresh and dried leaves.

Remember that parsley is a natural diuretic, so you may need to use the bathroom more often while you drink the tea. In most cases, fresh parsley is almost certain to give you the most health benefits. If you are not able to get access to fresh parsley, dried parsley also works well enough.

Pay close attention to the parsley tea recipes that you try out and make sure that you see if they indicate the use of the fresh or dried herb. Using dried parsley in place of fresh parsley will make a big difference in the taste and consistency of your tea. However, parsley herb tea is great, no matter the form.