Passion Flower Side Effects – Is There Any Risk Involved?

passion flower side effectsUnfortunately, there are some that think that just because something is natural or herbal that it is safe and free from potentially adverse side effects. Not only is that completely untrue, that sort of thinking can set you up for some potentially dangerous reactions that can really take you by surprise.

Additionally, the use of herbal products whether in the form of supplements or their naturally growing sources, can be safe in small and infrequent amounts, but large doses and prolonged use can be very hazardous, particularly to sensitive users with health conditions or those taking certain types of medications. Such a scenario is present regarding the use of a passion flower supplement or even the use of the dried leaves when used externally, or taken internally as is with passion flower tea.

Passion flower is known for many things, however likely it’s most well known uses are those for sleep troubles and anxiety. It’s one of the most well known herbs for stress, used for both the physical symptoms of anxiety and the mental ones as well. The passion flower anxiety link has little scientific evidence behind it, however users claim that it can improve mood, relieve stress and create a calming effect. In fact, it’s been used for this purpose since its discovery. And, while many people use the dramatically beautiful plant safely with few adverse reactions, passion flower side effects do occur, even in some users without medical concerns. For instance, some users experience dizziness, nausea and confusion. Consistent or prolonged use or large doses can lead to more serious passion flower side effects such as involuntary muscle movements, a rapid heart rate and even an altered state of consciousness. However, for most, small and infrequent usage leads to few if any side effects, and it is considered safe in most cases of occasional use.

There are however some cases where passion flower side effects can be very dangerous and some users should abstain from use. For instance, pregnant women should absolutely never buy passion flower supplements or products containing it, because this can lead to uterine contractions that can jeopardize a pregnancy. Because of passion flower side effects, its use is considered unsafe in pregnant women. Because of the lack of study that exists regarding the use of the plant in breastfeeding women, it’s unadvisable to use during this time as well, as the risk has not been properly evaluated.

Passion flower side effects also are a concern for those preparing for surgery because the chemical composition of the plant can alter the central nervous system. This can be precarious for people preparing for surgical procedures utilizing anesthesia as the effects can be modified. As such, passion flower should not be used for at least two weeks prior to any surgery and its use should be abstained from following as well.

In healthy individuals, occasional and proper use will yield few if any passion flower side effects, and the herbal is generally considered to be safe. However, risks exist for certain individuals, and avoidance is crucial for these types of people.