Peanut Allergy Symptoms in Adults vs Kids

Peanut Allergy SymptomsFor the most part, peanut allergy symptoms are the same in adults as they are in children. However, food allergies can often be avoided in children. Food allergies are sometimes genetic, but in other cases they arise because babies and toddlers are introduced to new foods too quickly. Here are some common food allergy symptoms to look out for in both kids and adults.

The only way to know for certain whether or not you are allergic to peanuts is to go for food allergy testing. This very simple test will not only show which foods you are allergic to, it will also help you to see which peanut allergy foods to avoid. When a person that is allergic to peanuts consumes this food, a few things can happen. Their peanut allergy symptoms can include itching in the throat, swelling and itching of the eyes and large, itching hives.

Peanut allergy symptoms may seem more severe in children because it is often alarming to see a child become swollen and puffy looking. However, these exact same symptoms can occur in adults. As of now, there is no peanut allergy cure, but there are many ways to make certain that you never have an allergic reaction again. Until you are able to get a complete list of histamine foods that cause your symptoms to flare up, consider making all of your food from scratch. This is the only way that you will know that it is completely peanut free.

Alternatively, you can read the ingredients on all prepared foods very carefully and carry an epi-pen. Although you should not rely on this medication for the rest of your life, it can help you to avoid peanut allergy complications. Peanuts are included in lots of prepared foods, even those that you would never expect. Some people are so allergic to peanuts that they can have an allergic reaction simply by coming in contact with peanuts.

If you have exhibited any of these peanut allergy symptoms, go to your doctor so that you can get tested properly. Knowing if you are allergic to peanuts could help to save your life.